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Business for good: supporting SDGs through community involvement

Upfield’s priority is to build a sustainable business that is delivering positive social impact through all critical touchpoints, including its supply chain, operations, as well as in interactions in communities around the world. As the largest plant-based foods company in the world, Upfield’s vision for a “Better Plant-Based Future” drives positive change in people’s health, their daily lives and our planet’s sustainability. A core belief is to create a future for the next generation that improves upon the world we have created so far. 

Upfield’s programme of promoting plant-based nutrition to its consumers in Indonesia contributes to multiple SDGs, primarily through the lenses of environment, sustainability and public health.

Supporting nutrition

 Hunger and malnutrition are huge issues globally that cannot be tackled without the help of business. As the global leader in the plant-based spreads category, Upfield has the power and the responsibility to transform the way people eat.

Indonesian government data shows that 37% of children suffer from stunting or improper growth. Upfield’s Blue Band brand runs an educational breakfast programme in Indonesia and Kenya, with the goal of supporting 100 million children to start their day with a proper breakfast. Educating children about the value of nutritious foods and training canteens on how to offer these foods and protect food security go a long way to supporting SDG2 (zero hunger). Blue Band’s Little Doctor programme trains school pupils in Indonesia to teach their peers of the importance of eating well and having breakfast. It is important that pupils are able to feel energised to study and to play.

Combating non-communicable diseases

Globally, NCDs are on the rise. Diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease are caused by an increasing amount of animal fat in our diets. Numerous studies have shown that plant-based diets decrease the chances of suffering from these NCDs. Upfield works to make people healthier and happier through great-tasting plant-based products, supporting healthy choices from a young age.

Food sector businesses have the responsibility to offer products that help people to lead healthy lives and reduce the risk of NCDs – contributing to SDG3 (good health and well-being).

Offering economic empowerment

In many countries, women do not have access to sufficient funding or opportunities to start their own businesses. This is certainly the case in Indonesia, where Upfield offers women the opportunity to create their own bakeries and sell their own products. This not only supports these women themselves, but also impacts the livelihoods of their families.

Corporates are starting to realise that they have the power to promote SDG8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG10 (reduced inequalities) amongst a wider group than their own employees. We have the power to support other people’s businesses, and promoting equality leads to a more productive world for all of us.

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