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Energinet: Green Energy for a Better World

Climate change is not a new phenomenon. For years scientists have warned about what will happen to the world should the global community not act and, for years, the global community has put things off. The energy industry, while under intense scrutiny and pressure to look for alternatives, has not completely left fossil fuels behind. The message is clear and has been for some time: we need to do better.

However, certain countries are breaking this trend and leading the way forward. To perhaps no-one’s surprise, one such country is Denmark.

On September 15th in 2019, for 24 consecutive hours, the country of Denmark’s national demand for energy was exceeded using wind power. This was done so effectively that 30% more electricity was produced in this manner than was needed, with the excess put on the market for other countries to use.

This record achievement was made possible by ambitious Danish politicians and a forward-looking energy sector with Energinet, Denmark’s Transmission System Operator (TSO), in a pivotal role. Owned and operated by the Danish state under the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, the company is an independent public enterprise working determinedly towards the Danish targets for energy transition.

The challenge to the first stage of the green transition of the energy system was in ensuring access to infrastructure and the electricity markets. Denmark is currently seeing more than 60% of its energy consumption come from renewables, such as solar and wind power. Getting to the 100% mark will require digitalization and new tools and will see the integration of sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and heating, something no country has yet succeeded in doing.

The need to shift away from fossil fuels is global. As a result, an important factor in the green transition of the energy industry is co-operation. Energinet understands that, to achieve the green transition that the company is working so diligently towards, there needs to be collaboration across borders and sectors. With such partnerships and through significant innovation, Energinet is certain that it is possible to achieve an affordable 100% green energy system while maintaining a high security of supply.

Energinet has undertaken to achieving 100% renewable energy production by 2030. Thomas Egebo, Energinet’s CEO, explains why this is critical. “It is because we would very much like to contribute to a world where we can actually see our children and our grandchildren growing up and living happily and safely.”

Transitioning to renewable energy is crucial for today’s world – and tomorrow’s. Companies that do not commit to this goal are destined to be left behind.

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