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Herbalife Nutrition in Partnership with Feed the Children: Committed to Ending Hunger.

Hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition affect billions of people every day, and according to the United Nations’ State of Food Insecurity 2020 Report, rates are rising. The pandemic will add as many as 132 million more people to the total number of the world’s hungry in 2020 alone. These numbers are alarming. The issue has become so prominent that the United Nations has named eliminating hunger as one of its sustainable development goals (UNSDG) for the coming millennium.

So how – in the midst of a global pandemic – do we identify and execute meaningful solutions to this problem? Through strategic partnerships that unite organizations and companies in a shared purpose. 

That is exactly what Herbalife Nutrition, a global leader in nutrition, has done through their Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative and partnership with Feed the Children, a nonprofit organization focused on alleviating hunger. Together, they are working on ensuring access to good nutrition in vulnerable communities, supporting education programs that promote healthy foods, and adapting global food systems to meet the growing rates of hunger.

Founded in 1979, Feed the Children implements international community development programs that teach families, and mothers in particular, the importance of nutrition. The organization also provides food, daily essentials, support for teachers and students, and disaster relief to those in need across the United States and in 10 countries around the world.

“Feed the Children is proud to partner with Herbalife Nutrition to address the important issue of childhood hunger,” said Travis Arnold, President and CEO, Feed the Children. “The problem cannot be tackled alone. We know that when we combine our efforts, we will have a greater impact on the lives of families who need us most around the world.”

Hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition are complex issues that require collaboration and shared resources. Herbalife Nutrition’s Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative partners with leading nonprofit organizations to increase global impact to end hunger. The initiative utilizes company expertise to support nutrition and food programs, raises awareness and inspires people to take action, provides donations of nutrient-dense products to communities in need, develops and provides tools to empower people to make healthy choices, and engages the Herbalife Nutrition community to volunteer in communities around the world. The company has collaborated with over 10 leading organizations, including Feed the Children, to support millions of people around the world affected by hunger.

“The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to take hunger to zero around the world – by some accounts – is an audacious goal,” said John Agwunobi, Chairman and CEO, Herbalife Nutrition. “We were inspired by that goal and we wanted to be a part of it. We recognize however, that even though we’re in 94 countries around the world, that this is something that can only be achieved in partnership with others.”

Funds from Nutrition for Zero Hunger support Feed the Children’s nutrition, health and wellness programs, food subsidy boxes, nutrition supplementation and educational activities. One such example is the Care Group model – a peer to peer education and support program for mothers. Feed the Children implements this approach in its international program work. Through this process the nonprofit also helps mothers monitor the growth of their children to ensure the child is receiving the proper nutrition for healthy growth.

Through partnership, activation and collaboration with non-profits, local governments and organizations, Herbalife Nutrition is utilizing its role as a leader in the health and nutrition sector to address world hunger, head-on. No global health problem can be tackled by a single organization; it is through meaningful partnerships that vital change will happen. 



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