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Jungheinrich AG: Logistics for the future


Intralogistics is an essential tool in a globalized interconnected world.  Providing these tools is the mission of Jungheinrich, a company that offers sustainable and climate-friendly intralogistics solutions for the industry.

Up in the north of Germany, in the city of Hamburg to be exact, resides a company that offers customers a single source of tailor-made solutions for the challenges posed by Industry 4.0.  This company is Jungheinrich AG, one of the world leaders in intralogistics. Its unique portfolio of products and services for the logistics industry is not only sustainable and highly environmentally friendly, but also innovative and future-proof.

To understand what Jungheinrich does, it is important to define intralogistics as a concept. The term encapsulates all the measures taken to optimize and manage logistical operations, starting in the warehouse. The goal is to minimize inventory, ensure faster delivery of goods and reduce costs. And this is where Jungheinrich excels. 

Since its inception in 1953, the company has produced conveying machines of all kinds, which are used in warehouses all over the world. These include forklifts, high-bay stackers and tractors. The most famous of the company’s manufactured machines is the “Ameise”, a popular lift truck within the industry, and to this day a  Jungheinrich  trademark. What makes these machines so special is that they’re all run electrically. 

Jungheinrich was the first intralogistics business to offer  all its machinery and trucks with lithium-ion batteries. This kind of power unit is sustainable and environmentally friendly in two ways! Firstly, these trucks do not require the traditional diesel fuel. Secondly,  Jungheinrich has developed Cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries. These  batteries  are also much smaller than their lead-acid counterparts, making the trucks and forklifts more manoeuvrable, faster and therefore more efficient.

It is not only Jungheinrich’s trucks that are  sustainable and cost-efficient. The portfolio also includes extensive solutions to make warehouses more efficient as well as carbon neutral. Jungheinrich offers consultations to its customers to optimize daily business operations, from analyses of effective storage to automation. A smarter way of storing goods is achieved by an intricate shelving system that allows workers and processes to be more efficient, thereby reducing costs and expenditure. 

Furthermore, automating processes with support from Jungheinrich helps both companies and the environment. For example, Jungheinrich developed an automated solution for vertical farming for a customer in Kuwait. The system is water-saving, energy-efficient and serves as a blueprint for sustainable food cultivation for climate zones where this was previously deemed impossible.  

Indeed, Jungheinrich AG already is on its way to becoming the intralogistics company of the future by offering sustainable and climate-friendly intralogistics today. Not only by optimizing goods, traffic and processes across logistics, but also by helping reduce the carbon footprint for an entire industry.    



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