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Partnering for sustainable and future-proof material handling solutions. Think Tomorrow.

Successful companies strive continuously to find new and innovative ways to improve their productivity and efficiency. As far as the logistics sector is concerned, the route to improvement over the years has been through simply completing tasks faster and at higher volume. But as businesses increasingly perceive sustainability as a crucial factor of a future-proof business plan, the need to protect finite resources is being considered by companies throughout the supply chain. With global green incentives to promote sustainability and take climate action, companies of all sizes across the world are developing and embracing sustainable solutions that protect the planet, minimize their impact on the climate, and are at the same time economically viable.

 At this point SSI Schäfer comes into play. The world-leading provider of modular warehousing and logistics solutions, SSI Schäfer is an ideal partner and enabler of sustainable solutions, thus generating a competitive advantage for its customers. Steffen Bersch, CEO of the SSI Schäfer Group, explains, “We have committed strongly to supporting customers in pursuing their own economic and climate goals in a spirit of partnership and working with them to implement the right solutions for their supply chain, leveraging economies of scale and finding ways to create a circular economy.”

 SSI Schäfer puts the unique needs of its customers in focus, while considering sustainable aspects at the same time. Energy efficiency, the environmentally friendly operation of warehouses and material flows and ecological construction methods, short supply chains, predictive maintenance are all part of SSI Schäfer’s solutions, as well as healthy working conditions and atmosphere, less waste and carbon footprint reduction. “We shape the efficiency of our customers and their supply chains, taking advantage of opportunities offered by digitalization and transfer them to the world of complex material flows,” as CEO Steffen Bersch sums up.

 For example, food safety and security is one area in which SSI Schäfer has made a difference. Of all the food produced in the world, as much as 37 percent is believed to be wasted by poor packaging, storage, and handling. SSI Schäfer’s solution has been to provide hardware and software solutions to supply companies which have allowed them to ramp up automation and to engineer processes with greater precision and speed. At the same time, automated packaging, storing, and handling result in less damage and waste.

 Agriculture itself is a major contributor to greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. By changing the model of agriculture, such as the development of automated vertical farms close to cities, SSI Schäfer technology seamlessly integrates with its partners’ infrastructure to reduce the amount of water and fertilizer used to grow plants, cutting food miles and guaranteeing a secure future for food supplies to cities. Vertical farms, with a 25 square-meter footprint that annually yield the equivalent of almost two acres of farmland, are up to 400 times more efficient than traditional farming methods.

 Across industries, intralogistics and logistics in general are growing in importance and becoming decisive factors of success for companies: SSI Schäfer’s innovative predictive maintenance creates reliable and future-proof systems. Futureproofing includes resilience against climate change and unpredictable events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as adapting to future business needs.

 Sustainability often means that a business does not change what it does – just how it does it. Taking the opportunity to analyse every single process to find new efficiencies through each stage of a process can give a huge competitive and sustainability advantage to the companies that use this technology.

By driving efficiency in tandem with sustainability, SSI Schäfer is playing a key role in facilitating industries and partners that are finding ways to remain viable and profitable even as they are tackling the changing climate.


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