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PHW: Feeding the world for the future

A growing population demands higher food-supply, especially proteins. How can this demand be kept in the future? The family-run PHW Group from Germany has a solution! But it’s not the only way, this food producer thinks ahead.

For the year 2050 it is expected that the world population will grow to almost 10 billion people. A dizzying number, especially if you think about the increased need of food. Livestock is limited and proteins are an important part of a healthy balanced diet. To ensure that future generations will also have a chance to enjoy delicious chicken legs or vegan sausages, and have their daily intake of proteins, is the quest of the PHW Group.

Founded in 1932 in the rural areas of Lower Saxony by Paul Wesjohann, the PHW quickly developed into one of the largest poultry farmers and processors in Germany, and soon even Europe. Besides livestock farming, the company also focuses on animal feed. Today, famous names in the branch of poultry meats are part of the PHW Group, like Wiesenhof and Bruzzzler. On every evolving market that asks for new, more sustainable and more diverse products, the PHW Group is a leader when it comes to innovate the way we eat.

Most importantly, it’s a core goal of PHW, to ensure animal welfare, The market for animal health and welfare products will continue to expand. The PHW Group recognises and accepts the challenge in the animal welfare sector to offer diverse concepts. Approximately 1,000 self-employed partner farmers raise poultry in conventional systems as well as poultry for alternative animal welfare concepts, such as WIESENHOF Privathof. 

And the results show: The Privathof chickens are growing slower, but are more resilient and healthier. As of today, 90 percent of German poultry production complies with various animal welfare concepts. Regarding animal feed, in the future, the company‘s target is to find a complete solution in the form of an alternative to the use of soy meal in poultry feed. PHW sees the insect protein as a suitable alternative. And speaking of proteins, also in this sector PHW is coming up with new ideas, but for the human needs.

PHW is producing vegan food items themselves, and furthermore cooperates with other companies in the global food industry. Together, they work on new exciting projects, like the so-called “cultured meats” which get produced by in vitro cell culture of animal cells, instead of from slaughtering. This will not only lead PHW to a whole market segment, but also to take a leadership in saving the climate, which is the company’s other goal.


A new milestone in the PHW Group’s commitment to sustainability was reached on 1st January 2020: all WIESENHOF production sites for chicken, turkey and sausage production are produced on a 100% climate neutral basis. With all these actions, the PHW Group is seeking to become the food manufacturer that will feed the world and shape the way we eat, to ensure a sustainable future.



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