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Schur Flexibles is the accelerator of change to a better world through protective packaging solutions


As the global population soars, more than ever before it’s becoming essential to ensure that we aren’t mishandling or wasting food. From production to shipping to storage, in order to feed the world we must treat our food supplies with care. To protect goods and to prevent unnecessary food wastage is core for Schur Flexibles. 

Schur Flexibles Group specialises in made-to-measure, tailored packaging and protective packaging solutions. Throughout the production process, sustainability is a top priority. Working around Europe with trusted family businesses, Schur Flexibles depends on its collaboration with companies that also want to work responsibly to future-proof the industry.

“Our team has a strong willingness to shape the future of the organisation of the whole industry,” explains Schur Flexibles CEO Michael Schernthaner. “We at Schur Flexibles are the accelerator of change for a better world through protective packaging solutions. This means to consistently focus on ‘How we produce’. To us, protecting the packed goods is just as important as taking responsibility for the effects of our business on people – employees, consumers and partners along the entire value chain, as well as our environment.“ 

One third of all food produced worldwide is lost or wasted, not only presenting humanitarian concerns but also affecting the economy and the environment. This is why Schur Flexibles follows the goals of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and partners with organizations like the start up Recyda or the Save Food initiative, who works to raise awareness of food waste, and helps companies to make improvements to their infrastructure.

Partnering with “Operation Clean Sweep”, Schur Flexibles has dedicated itself to the elimination of plastic flakes, powders and granulates. A voluntary scheme taken on by leaders of the plastic industry, Operation Clean Sweep ensures the industry is holding itself accountable, clashing carbon emissions and plastic waste materials. “As a group, we take a common responsibility to avoid the loss of our materials into the environment – this includes all our sites, not only the ones that handle granulates,” says Fiene Berger, Manager Corporate Responsibility, Schur Flexibles. Further to this are Schur Flexibles’ own regularly conducted internal audits, which help to both prove Schur Flexibles’ track record for responsible waste management and continue to establish the company as a global climate leader.

Working across Europe means working together with not only different companies, but different governments, laws, restrictions and regulations. This is one of the ways that advanced and specialised software solutions come into play. Another valuable use of technology comes from the implementation of their digital maintenance program, which makes the use of augmented reality technology to allow specialists to help out with maintenance remotely. A tool which is also used to support customers in implementing sustainable packaging alternatives.

Schur Flexibles Group is publicly, proudly committed to fighting back against climate change, and rallying the rest of the industry to join its fight. For plastics to stay relevant in an age of increased environmental awareness, producers must prove to be sustainable and responsible; and Schur Flexibles is working hard to excel in that, much like its packaging, its climate policies are airtight.





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“Our company has the lowest carbon emissions among the industry -with 9.29 kilos CO2 equivalents per ton produced iron ore today”, Nancy Scheiner, Environment and Sustainability Manager at Rana Gruber.

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