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TSMC: Driving Postive Change

In the past twenty years, our understanding of environmental conservation, sustainability and responsibility has shifted dramatically. Relying on fossil fuels is no longer an option for long-term development, and industries across the world must adapt to new changes in order to stay profitable. 

Companies are racing to invest in what is known as green manufacturing, as it becomes safer, cheaper and self-sufficient in ways it has never been before. For climate leaders like TSMC however, sustainability has always been a top priority, and the next step is beyond just evolution.

An industry pioneer since day one, when TSMC was founded it pioneered the pure-play foundry business model and became the world’s first dedicated semiconductor foundry. As a purpose-built facility designed to produce components essential for computing and the further development of technology, the team at TSMC found themselves at the centre of innovation and industry. 

Over thirty years on and the company is still leading the pack, providing the most advanced foundry technology 5 nanometer process, essential to creating the most powerful and advanced electronics in the world. But while consumers continue to expect each new generation of electronics to bring better performance and features, more and more, they also expect their products to be made in a green and ethical fashion.. Each step forward in technological progress must take into account the environmental impact to determine if the production is sustainable.

“Today, all the technology development is almost just to reduce energy consumption,” explained Dr Mark Liu, Chairman, TSMC. “We try to conserve our energy of all activities, and also we adjust our energy policy, adopting renewable energy.”

Adopting what they describe as a ‘cradle to cradle’ approach, TSMC ensures that as many resources as possible are reused, recycled and given new life once their original purpose has been fulfilled. One major example of this approach is seen in the reclamation of copper sulphate from TSMC’s wastewater, which can be made into copper tubes and eventually returned to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

“The technology industry is advancing very quickly, and it will enable smart cities, smart transportations,” continued Dr Liu. “Those will help the society to be more efficient.”

“I think we should be optimistic, but we need to act together and lead to help society to combat climate change.”

Looking forward to a hopeful tomorrow, TSMC believes that it is essential for the industry to come together in order to drive change. Investing in greener, more efficient processes provides us with faster equipment, smaller nanotech, and larger profit margins. Technology is rapidly outgrowing the power of traditional fossil fuels, and innovators will soon have no choice but to go green to remain relevant. A green, sustainable future is no longer just a pipedream, it’s in their sights.



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